Is getting a PIC endorsement required now a days?

Just wondering, Ive seen some other engineers getting there PIC endorsement on there license. I know old school if you were a chief, you were PIC automatically ,(for your vessel). But Ive heard that some companies require it. Before my next upgrade ,I was going to do the weeks course and turn it in then. Is it worth time and money? like always input is great.

You have to show the required loads and discharges within a year I believe of taking the course. Start participating in L&Ds and document them. You can start before the course or after. Get all of the endorsements you can.

My company requires at least tanker man engineer for 1st and Cheng. That only requires the course and the tanker time. Once I got it though I went ahead and did the loads and discharges and added the PIC. You never know when you might need it.

Thanks guys, Getting loads and discharges will no problem, I guess it is better to get what I can while I can. I will look into the class before my upgrade ,then turn it all in.

Take the basics from the course, forget the other 75% of it. When I took my PIC 12yrs ago they spent more time on cargo compatibility and figuring net-gross but missed alot of the fundamentals.