Getting my P.I.C

Hello all,

I am an engineering cadet about to sail on an LNG vessel. I’ve been told by several deckies that I would be able to get my PIC for onloading/discharging lng.

I was wondering:

  1. How I would be able to obtain this? (what paperwork is needed?)
  2. Is there any value in an engineer having a PIC?


I thought the engineer was supposed to have that for any bulk discharges on ships?

As you will soon find out when doing transfers the engineer is the one in charge and responsible for not venting.

PIC is real easy just have to have sea time and so many discharges and onloads. Like 5 of each.

The name of the game is how many credentials you can bring with you. The more you have the more likely you will be hired.

thanks for the link. I’ve heard it’s impossible to get 5 loads and 5 unloads in 90 days on an lng ship. Guess I’ll find out.

Hey kids, the idea isn’t to get “easy” loads and discharges…the whole point is to learn the system and to become proficient in it’s operation. After the “easy” part you are supposed to be capable of ramrodding the entire operation…[B]P[/B]erson[B] I[/B]n[B] C[/B]harge.