Streetcar (not) named desire

This streetcar was not named desired, but it served the population of Oslo well for 40 years:


Now beat that NASA!!

How very nautical…derp?

I assume you noted @ombugge appropriately posted in “Scuttlebutt” section of this forum which is not required to be nautical…derp?

Thanks Chief Seadog!!
I was expecting somebody to point out that NASA had made MORE than three roundtrips to the moon and that I was anti-American (or worse) for not knowing that.
I could then point out that happened BEFORE 1982.
Besides, the Oslo tram carried passengers on ALL their trips. They could even jump on and off while en route. Beat that NASA!!:sweat_smile:

The space shuttles alone have traveled over 542,000,000 miles. That would equate to 1,129 round trips to the moon. It is all part of our Manifest Destiny. :roll_eyes:

We own the moon and can travel there whenever we wish. The amount of round-trips are irrelevant.


By streetcar ?

By EV or biofuel auto.

Ahh, that’s more like it!!
But only one “like” (so far). Surprised.

OK I helped out by adding one “like” more for your collection.

BTW: Are you trying to sell real estate on the moon?