Chinas research station

if you think that they are REALLY building a research station. there is a bridge in San Francisco i want to sell you. More like a launching pad. and here we sit with the very old polar star and the little Healy

Are you referring to this Reuters article?:

Looks like not everybody is worried:

The only “western media” that is mentioned in the official rebuttal of this worry are Reuters and CNN.
Maybe the rest of the “western media” know that China has the ability to carry out signals intelligence on Australia and New Zealand by existing means.
PS> Arnhem Space Centre is a lot closer to Hainan then to Antarctica.

If that is the Golden Gate Bridge I hear it is in great need of “de-humming”:

World’s 7th most powerful non-nuclear-powered icebreaker (6th if you exclude a French cruise ship).

The article should have read “one Chinese icebreaking research vessel and two cargo ships”; the old Xue Long nothing more than that even if it has a few laboratories onboard.

They could try the way I stopped humming from the bars of my car’s roof rack - twisting a length of accessory cord around the bars.

Twisting the radio volume knob all the way to the right on a classic rock station works well also. Eventually the ensuing ear damage takes care of all those pesky noise intrusions including the wife yelling at me to slow down.


Maybe then it goes from humming to singing rock:

Old men like me lose the ability to hear higher frequencies. It succeeds in screening out the voices of small children and women.


Buddy, you gotta start linking articles. No one knows what you’re talking about when there is no context. You’re just complaining into the void.

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And you should quote or reference the comment you are responding to. No one knows who is the “Buddy” you are addressing.


Oh come on everybody knows who Buddy is. This guy does this all the time.

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Jesus you sound like the Bug. Commenting just to stir the pot.

That is what he does best.

They are going to steal all the Penguins.

After all, they own Antarctica, it’s on the official map with the 5000 dash line.

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Chinese territorial waters extend to the South Pole. :grin:

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