Don't know if this is legit or not but it is funny as HELL!

from Seattle Craigslist

[B]Six slightly used cargo cranes - $1 (Terminal 5)[/B]

Find yourself needing to lift large objects over power lines?

Tired of having metro buses cut you off in your Prius?

Then have I got just the thing for you! Just check out the features:

  • Capable of lifting 50 long tons
  • Capable of dropping large, heavy objects on double parked BMWs
  • Cruising speed of about 5 MPH, so you can commute to work on I5
  • Scenic views of everything around
  • Free cardio workout
  • Ability to straddle most West Seattle homes for convenient storage

Buyer will need to pick up the crane and drive it home after payment is received. If you act fast, you can use one of the other cranes to pick it up and drop it on a barge as well to float it home.

Be the envy of your block with your very own towering hunk of steel! The possibilities are endless…

  • Playhouse for the kids
  • Drone control tower
  • Ziplines
  • Bungee jumping
  • Dropping things
  • Relocate your neighbor’s house
  • And so many more!

We’re hoping for a couple mil, but would also accept your crappy mix tape & 6 pack of PBR.

the mind reels at the possibilities but I can’t find any of my old mix tapes or can afford much PBR these days…anyone want to go partners and convert these to a set of “Transformers” and take over the city?

I’m in. What will you need from me? My credit card number and pin?