Storm-tossed trawler: Hurricane Michael capsizes new factory trawler North Star


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Back to Eastern Shipbuilding for a change:


The prices I have heard from PNW naval architects that are working as owners reps is that a tug or trawler is 20-35% cheaper in the GOM when the same spec is quoted in the PNW vs various yards in the Gulf of Mexico. 20-35% cheaper and typically much quicker lead times… this will be an exception on the lead time, originally DCI quoted this project and they were not willing to start this project until 2018 with delivery in 2021…we will see when this vessel actually gets delivered.


so does anyone know if the vessel has been righted and pumped out?


If it was built in Turkey, like several similar trawlers have been/are, how much cheaper than in GoM do you think it would have been??
(Same design and same machinery and equipment)


I do not know 50% purely a guess…here is an example that comes to mind.

Total budget of $515.5 million to build four Olympic Class, 144-car ferries for Washington State Ferries.

Tokitae, the first Olympic Class ferry:
The total cost of the vessel is $144 million.
Samish, the second Olympic Class ferry:
The total cost of the vessel is approximately $126.45 million.
Chimacum, the third Olympic Class ferry:
The total budget to build vessel is $123 million.
Suquamish, the fourth Olympic Class ferry:
The total budget to build vessel is $122 million.

New Staten Island Ferries under construction at Eastern were estimated contract price of $103.8M each x 3 vessels

BC ferries doesn’t have Jones act to compete with, their most recent build is for 3 ships being built in Poland… I believe they are similar in size but I really don’t have in depth knowledge on WSF vs BC Ferries…

Three new intermediate-class vessels will be built offshore by Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. in Gdansk, Poland, for $165 million, BC Ferries announced …Each ferry will hold up to 145 vehicles and 600 passengers.

The total project budget is $252 million. That figure includes financing and project management costs, and $51 million for Canadian taxes and federal import duties, the release said.


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Is there any new information about the status of this new, but hurricane damaged, factorytrawler in Florida?


They are trying to hire officers for the end of this year, so either they’re wildly optimistic or they expect to have her fishing A season 2020.


funny you should ask today because this was just released

North Star rising: Storm-tossed trawler righted in Florida

ByJessica Hathaway December 7, 2018

Eastern Shipbuilding of Panama City, Fla., has at long last righted the North Star, Glacier Fish Co.’s new factory trawler. On Wednesday, Dec. 5, almost two months after Hurricane Michael made landfall at nearby Mexico City Beach, Fla., the 261-foot groundfish trawler came one step closer to her first set in the Bering Sea.

Reportedly, the salvage crew set up an anchor and barge and placed a series of oil rig anchors. Then they welded pad eyes on the North Star. With a set of tugs pushing from the starboard side, a crew on the portside winching the rig toward the barge, and a load of pumps, they got the vessel back on her keel.


The salvage crew attached winching cables with pad eyes. Corky Decker photos.


The salvage crew righted the storm-tossed trawler almost two months after Hurricane Michael blew through Panama City with devastating results.


The trawler lay on her starboard side from Oct. 10 to Dec. 5.

This is a significant step toward recovery in a small area of the panhandle that was devastated by the hurricane, which swelled to a Category 4 less than 24 hours before it made landfall.

But the day will be marked with mixed emotions for the Glacier Fish Co. family, as news spread that Erik Breivik, one of the company’s founders, died the same day at the age of 77.

“It’s very unfortunate for us,” says Merle Knapp, vice president of sales and marketing for the Seattle-based company. “Erik was quite a man.”

“He was a pioneer,” says Knapp. “He was the guy who had the vision to put factory trawlers to work on the cod and pollock in Alaska. He had a fundamental understanding of the fishing industry from having started as a young man.” That vision and understanding enabled Breivik to build the company, acquiring Alaska Ocean Seafood in 2008, and partial ownership and management of four Iquique U.S. vessels.

Knapp worked with Breivik for 22 years. “We were close. We traveled the world together.” According Knapp, Breivik’s unique history as a fisherman first and a fishery builder are what made him special, Glacier and everyone in the Alaska pollock fishery, will mourn his passing.

In the weeks and months to come, the North Star will undoubtedly require a major overhaul of its interior and systems.

The trawler had been expected to make its way out of Florida by November before the storm hit and was almost entirely fitted out for fishing.