Stoppers, stovepiping and such

Greetings All,

I have a question about using stoppers. I have just been assigned to a new vessel and the mooring arrangement is less than ideal. We have bitts that are quite close together and require ‘stovepiping’ in order to tie up. We also need to put 2 lines on each bitt. There is no becket, eye or other attachment point to rig a cable-grip type stopper. We need to take the stopper around the same bitt the mooring line will be placed on. I am use to this, but there is often only 1-1.5ft towards the chock to rig a stopper. We are using 1-7/8 Spectra mooring line and only have one capstan for all the bitts.

Does anyone have any advice on what might be a good solution? I am thinking that some 12-strand poly might do the trick, but would like to hear what others think.