I was talking to the SIU hall in Seattle and was told to register as a Tankerman/AB I had to have “full” STCW. i have BST and told her that but she said I need the full STCW, and wouldn’t elaborate on what the hell full STCW is. Anybody know? is that BST and RFPNW? and if it is how do you get RFPNW on a tug? Ive asked a few guys here at Vane and get blank stares.

Thanks fellas

Technically full STCW would indicate that you are an unlimited master as they are the only one’s who have to take most if not all the classes. Kind of chaps my ass when asked do I have STCW when what they really mean is BST.

Ask to talk to someone higher up the ladder as she clearly doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about.

thats kind of what i thought, i have never worked for or dealt with union people (not opposed to union just never done it) and she seemed like a grumpy gate keeper, was trying not to piss her off.

She doesn’t like you for whatever reason. You’re fucked. Go to another hall.

I’ve seen this in Michigan. A guy came in and was told he needed BST on his STCW-95. He had the certs from his school but the stupid bitch behind the counter wouldn’t hear that the Coast Guard no longer put BST on the STCW-95.

I stepped in and called the Toledo REC and verified that they were not putting the BST on the STCW-95, told that dumb waste of space so, and the CG guy had me tell her to call the Toledo REC directly and he would verify it.

Of course she wouldn’t do it. And that was the last time I ever went to the Michigan hall. Maybe she was waiting for some cash to slip her way? Maybe she was just a worthless shitpile? Who can say.

They tolerated that level of stupidity at Michigan. They may tolerate that level of stupidity at Washington. Maybe you got lucky and got the same woman six years later?

If I sound pissed off I am. Six years later and they still play the same game. (I was SIU for eight years with another four via MSC and at this point their political bullshit needs to go back to their mafia hideaway in MD.)

what pisses me off is i heard about a tankerman job through that hall, i called them and they put me in direct contact with the company, they liked me, i liked them but it turned out not to work out (wife wasnt behind it) i called the hall back and she started giving me this shit, so i was ok for that specific job but not other wise. its great when one pinhead can have that much control over guys that want to work

What exactly do you have on your STCW? RFPNW is what I suspect she was talking about. SIU did not have many AB jobs that don’t require it. Many of their OS jobs are “STOS” meaning an OS with a RFPNW. Personally I think it’s a ploy to heard people into their apprentice program by locking up OS jobs for their own students.

Hmm. Sounds exactly like that kid in Michigan. He had a job directly threw the company. The Michigan pukes didn’t like that he bypassed them and they delayed him long enough that the job went out to someone else. (The BST was only part of their delay game.) Sound the same maybe?

I’m starting to think this is their SOP.

I’ll get off my soapbox. Good luck brother.

sounds the exact same

the part that pissed me off worse was that she wouldn’t tell me what she wants exactly. i asked her, just tell me what i need to go get or do and ill get on it, but it was “full STCW95”. so i cant figure out what the hell that is???

Full STCW is the five (or 6) day class (sorry I can’t recall which) consisting of: 1. Firefighting 2. First aid 3. Water safety (immersion suit, lifejacket, Liferaft, distress signalling, and 4. Personal responsibility. The personal responsibility was basically telling you to report any shipmate using or drinking on the job.

Here’s where I would go if I had to do it again.

Go to the SUP hall in Seattle, good folks. Talk to Vince O’Halloran, Branch Agent. It’s on Delridge as you head up to White Center.

thanks boatahaulic, ill give him a call tomorrow, unfortunatly im sitting on a barge with a load of 380 cooling off in newark at the moment