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Looking for some insight… I been with MSC the last 6yrs…I’m a AB unlimited/ Tankerman. I understand there is seniority A.B.C. I was told if I come to the union I would be a C+Card??..(Norfolk) … I heard this time of year is good for a newbie. Do I stand a chance of getting a job in a reasonable time…also if I’m a C+card would it take me only 90days at sea to obtain a B or a full 180. any advice will help…

National AB won’t cut the mustard anymore, get RFPNW and STCW Able Seafarer-Deck then join

Ok… i do have those also…

Forget SIU. I assume that’s the union you’re referring to. Join SUP tell them about your MSC experience and that you really want the MSC classes (yes you need them). With those classes and your AB ticket you will get work and get paid more for it than with SIU.

If he’s been with MSC for the last 6 years, don’t you think he’ll already have had the MSC classes? Just using a few brain cells here. May need to renew small arms, but that’s a yearly thing anyway.

I’m sorry you wasted your brain cels but Patriot (or MSC) doesn’t care. Everybody, regardless of past experience has to take the classes.

As far as small arms goes that’s a ridiculous frustration on its own. Its only good for a year but you need 6 months left to get a job.

Yes, but if he worked for MSC then he already had the classes.

I guess I wasn’t clear enough?

Patriot will NOT ship a 20 year recent MSC employees without freshly taking the courses and having them all current. Years ago I took the classes with an AB who just left MSC. This time at Mitags I took the classes with a young Academy grad that just left MSC after working there for 1.5 years.

I do not know if this is a Patriot or MSC requirement. While taking the courses at Mitags recently the instructor specifically mentioned that they constantly get MSC people laying out certs to avoid a course. He said Patriot won’t accept them.

This statement relates to SUP, MMP could be different for the SIU AMO contracted companies. That is unless it is actually an MSC requirement.

That’s much more clear. Thank you.

I’m fairly certain MMP is different. I took small arms with a chief mate that left MSC for MMP and he got a job in this economy because he already had all the classes.

I hear a lot of good things about SUP… however SIU Norfolk is only a 10min drive from the house…There is a convenience there… I was trying to maybe get registered and eventually get a job on a rotation eventually… In addition I have an offer with Hos 28/14… the day rate is not what it use to be. MSC you have a 4 month minimum… SIU/SUP you guys get day for day time off… that’s unheard of at MSC…

I really don’t think its an MMP thing as much as its a Patriot requirement. But who knows maybe it has something to do with the classes being at Mitags. But then that doesn’t explain why Patriot requires unlicensed MSC to retake the classes at TRL.
We recently got two other MSC contracted companies. Not sure what their policies on previous MSC training are.

  1. Not sure what you mean by day for day time off. Unlicensed at SUP at least can go back to work whenever they want. Stay at home as long as you like, you’re not getting paid (not including unemployment).

  2. I truly disliked a lot about working in the gulf compared to ships. You are used to ships I doubt you’ll stay in the Gulf. But…it can’t hurt to try it out.

  3. 28/14 sucks. Didn’t think it would but it sucks.

I totally get the convenience thing to the hall but you are giving up a lot in terms of pay and lifestyle aboard the ships. How many SUP guys go to SIU? Zero? Or close. But at SUP there are a ton of guys that had a book at SIU and took a D card to get started at SUP. When I night mate on SIU ships the guys I talk to would switch in a second if they could transfer their seniority.

Either way you are on the right track and have options. Enjoy the ride😉

I’m not in the SIU, but have never seen one of their contracts that had better than 15 for 30 vacation, though that just may be my company contract, though I doubt it. If you are simply implying that you don’t have go back to work at a defined time, then yes you are mostly correct. I believe once you are an A card with SIU and can get a rotary assignment you are held to shipping rules such as 70 days at sea allows you 35 days off and 100+ days can get you 70 days off. SIU has some confusing shipping rules and from what I’ve seen over the years, they are very malleable whenever their leadership or port representatives want to have their way.

Good luck

They also have Inland contracts which includes dredges, sea-going tugs and ATBs that work 28/28 and 45/45.