STCW Regulation VI/2-2 proficiency in fast rescue boats?

I took a course some years ago for STCW Regulation VI/2-2 proficiency in fast rescue boats and submitted to the Coast Guard. Today I noticed that I do not have “VI/2-2” listed in my on STCW alphabet soup page but the text “proficiency in fast rescue boats” appears on the page below listed under the Capacity column. The person at the NMC call center insisted that there is no regulation VI/2-2 and everything is encompassed within VI/2. This is important because I am seeing job postings that are asking for the VI/2-2. Is NMC right about this?

What jobs require Fast Rescue Boat? I don’t think i’ve Ever seen a UF flag job add that required it.

For example from a Mcdermott job posting:

§ Minimum 5 years experience as Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch onboard DP Vessel

§ Subsea construction experience

§ Valid STCW Reg. II/1 – OICNW, No Limitations Certificate of Competency

§ Valid STCW Reg. IV/2 – GMDSS Certificate

§ Unlimited DP Operator’s Certificate, issued by the Nautical Institute

§ ECDIS Training

§ Valid STCW Reg. VI/2-2 – Fast Rescue Craft (preferred)

§ Valid STCW Endorsed Seafarer’s Medical

It does say “preferred” but if its an endorsement I qualify for I’d like to have it and it may just put my resume in a different pile than the guys without it.

While we might think of McDermott as an American company, it converted to be a foreign company. I thinkall its vessels are foreign flag.

I get the impression that there is a difference between USCG approved Fast Rescue Boat and some foreign approved courses. I think I have also seen ads for MCA approved Fast Rescue Boat REFREASHER courses too.

As far as I know the USCG has no refreasher requirement.

It might be worthwhile to find out if a USCG approved course would be acceptable.

If this were true why does the actual “capacity” statement on the MMD read as:
“Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats (PSC)” ?

Do you have a class certificate stating you did attend a Fast Rescue Craft course?

I do. It says in big, bold letters in the middle of the pagethat this class certificate satisfies VI/2-2.
The nice lady at NMC said it must be a typo. :roll_eyes:

Except he says that his MMC says he has fast rescue boat, it just doesn’t list “-2”. I expect his text says “Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats including fast rescue boats (PSC)” but I’ve never seen one so I’m not positive.

When I added a security designation to my MMD a while ago it didn’t cost anything that I can remember. Maybe send in a copy of the class cert with an application and maybe they’ll send you a sticker or whole new MMD with the right STCW reference code. Maybe test the system ignoring the phone advice in this case?

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The NMC doesn’t list all the sub categories of STCW code. As far as I’m aware they do the same thing for Tankerman PIC DL and DG, they don’t actually list the separate code sub category numbers.

That is incorrect. If you have 360 days in the last 5 years you need a revalidation course, if you don’t you need a refresher course.

It says both.

“Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats (PSC)” The line below below reads: “Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats”

Looks like I have half of the endorsement. They gave me the text in “capacities” but not the Roman numeral on the page before.

That could be. I guess I am to show any potential employer or PSC officer my class certificate?

Gotcha. I was basing my assumption on the way they do the sailing endorsement now, “self propelled vessels other than auxiliary sail” or “self propelled vessels including auxiliary sail”.

Your MMC says, right on it, “Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats”, why should that not be good enough?

Maybe it is but I think I’ll carry the certificate just in case. It seems that the Roman numerals are the standard in the STCW world. If you don’t have the Roman numerals then you don’t have the endorsement. I’d rather not get into it with a PSC officer in some strange country.

That’s probably a good idea anyway, just in case they want to verify dates.

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Yes looks like you have it in hand with it being printed on the MMD and Cert to back it up. Maybe next time you renewthey can add the Roman numeral stuff if you point it out on you app or cover letter. If nothing else you’d have their response in writing about what they print on the MMD. Just curious, where is McDermott operating this vessel?

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Not sure. The posting is from Houston and they are asking for USCG documents so I can only guess somewhere in the GOM.

A refreasher or revalidation course for STCW Fast Rescue Boat?

The MCA requires it, but I haven’t heard about USCG requiring it. I haven’t heard about other flags.