Fast Rescue Craft / Rescue Craft / MOB boats / Designated Rescue Boats

This is an FRC of the type that you see on ERRVs and SOME OSVs:

This is a MOB-boat that you find on most ships, except those fitted with Lifeboats that is approved as MOB-boats.
Ridget type:

Inflatable type:

The “Economy size” MOB-boat:

ALL are SOLAS approved and require regular maintenance per SOLAS.

This is a dedicated crane to launch and recover the MOB-boat:

Single Point davit for FRC or Mob-boat:


“Hidden” FRC davit:

Davits for all purposes:

I don’t believe this is quite correct. AFAIK cargo ships are not required to carry MOB boats. They have two enclosed lifeboats and one is designated as the rescue boat.

Perhaps the ships with free-fall boats are required to have an extra boat.

That is what I said:

Most newer Cargo ships have single free fall lifeboat, which is NOT approved as MOB-boat, thus required to have one.

That appears to apply to US built ships too:

I believe the requirement is for a “rescue” boat, not MOB.

Explain the difference please.

Maybe time to close this thread??

Do the regs mention MOB boats?

This boat looks like it would be suitable for recovering a MOB


This is what a “designated rescue boat” looks like:


It’s a lifeboat - that’s been “designated” as a rescue boat.

You can tell it’s a designated rescue boat because it has the word “RESCUE” painted on it.

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Those ships have rescue boats, NOT FAST rescue boats.

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Fast rescue boats should be capable of manoeuvring, for at least 4 hours, at a speed of at least 20 knots in calm water with a suitably qualified crew of at least 3 persons and at least 8 knots with a full complement of persons and equipment.

That is what I have been saying all along.
A Rescue boats (MOB-boat) is NOT a FAST RESCUE CRAFT (FRC) but a FRC CAN be used as Rescue boat (MOB-boat)

FRCs are used on ERRVs and OSV used as Standby boats to rescue survivors from platforms, rigs and FPSOs etc. in an emergency.
They are also used to transport personnel to/from SOVs used on wind farms:

To operate FRCs require personnel trained and certified per STCW:

PS> Davit launched lifeboats MAY be dedicated as Rescue/MOB-boat subject to complying with SOLAS rules foe Rescue Crafts.
Free fall lifeboat cannot be so dedicated.

I say the same thing but my posts are hidden by community flags so you cannot read them.

That Wartsila Encyclopedia entry doesn’t look very reliable. Seems to be a combination of definitions and editorial.

For example what does this mean?

Totally enclosed lifeboat should not be used as rescue boat due to limitations in visibility, manoeuvrability and recovery of persons from the water.

Meaning the regs are inadequate I assume.

I think we can agree (you, me and Wartsila) that enclosed lifeboat are not very suitable as MOB-boat. (Post # 7)

That the visibility from the manoeuvre position is limited is quite obvious.
The limited maneuverability is also well known.
The small hatches on either side and the relatively high freeboard (when not fully loaded with people) is not very conducive to the ease of pulling people from the water.

How they can be approved as “Designated Rescue Crafts” is a good question.

Oh yes you can. (At least for 24 hrs)

I don’t believe that lifeboats are approved as “dedicated rescue craft”, the wording is “designated”.

The problem with that part of the Wartsila is saying “totally enclosed lifeboat should not be used…” is it’s not clear that it’s an opinion and not a definition.

Another issue is the use of the term “MOB” which is as far as I tell is not used by SOLAS and so the exact meaning is somewhat ambiguous.

Plus the entry as a whole doesn’t seem very encyclopedic, mixes fact with opinions.

Dedicate / Designate; Typo. Now corrected.

Rescue Craft / Mob-boat; Rescue craft is commonly called “MOB-boat” by the rest of the world.
Not to be confused with FAST RESCUE CRAFT. (FRC /FRB) or with DAUGHTER CRAFT, although they can all be used to rescue people that has fallen overboard. (No matter what gender)

I’m not familiar with the regs wrt to FRC but presumably this part of the entry is correct:

In accordance with current IMO regulations:

  1. Passenger ships of 500 gross tonnage and over shall carry at least one rescue boat on each side of the ship

  2. Passenger ships of less than 500 gross tonnage shall carry at least one rescue boat,

  3. At least one of rescue boats on a ro-ro passenger ship shall be a fast rescue boat with

a minimum length of 6m and a top speed of at least 20 knots (MSC/Cir.809).

  1. Cargo ships shall carry at least one rescue boat.

SOLAS III, Reg 31 - Survival Craft and Rescue boats**

31.2 - Rescue Boats
Cargo ships shall carry at least one rescue boat complying with the requirements of section 5.1 of the Code. A lifeboat may be accepted as a rescue boat, provided that it and its launching and recovery arrangements also comply with the requirements for a rescue boat.

“MOB” Boats is not a SOLAS term and not an international term. Frankly, I have never heard it ever other than on gCaptain. Never at sea and never on shore.

I have not been able to find where an FRC is required by regulation over a rescue boat, any guidance from this crew on that would be appreciated I am always looking for opportunities to be smarter.

According to the LSA Code, the only difference between an FRC and a Rescue Boat is capabilities such as size, speed, maneuverability, etc.

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Aside from on RO/Pax ships they are not required on ordinary Merchant ships
As said several times in this and the original thread; they are uses on ERRVs and some OSVs, as well as on SOVs. That is by nature of their tasks, not as a SOLAS requirement, but they would usually then double as Rescue/MOB-boat to meet that SOLAS requirement.

MOB-boat is a commonly used term all over the world. (But frequently confused with FRC),
Maybe not by American seafarers, sailing on US flag ship.(??)

Rescue Net for MOB-boats:

Markus MOB Boat Rescue-net Type SCN6-250R (MBR6-235 …

Makes it easier and safer to get a person from the water into a Rescue/Mob-boat.