STCW Fast Rescue Boat VI/2

[B]V[B]I/2: Proficient i[/B]n the use of survival craft, rescue boats and fast rescue boats .
[/B]Is what my MMD states under the stcw section, does this mean im qualified for fast rescue boat “FRB” ? I have only completed and submited to the NMC a course completed for lifeboatman. Did they make an error in my favor, or what would my STCW say if I complete my “FRB” course and submitted it to the NMC to have it added on MMD?

My new mmc says the same thing and I never completed a FRB course.

Who knows, I have it too. I know there is a separate class for it; its not cheap. Perhaps we are getting a bonus. The lifeboatman class I took had rescue boat training with the course, just not “fast rescue craft”.

I’m certainly not about to ask. I’ll leave it alone!