STCW medical

Need to renew my STCW medical certificate, and I have just received a check-up compliant with Norwegian Maritime Authority. Long question short, do I need to have a CG-719K completed by the doctor, or will a corresponding physical exam form on different stationery work?

For one issued by the USCG you will need to fill out the CG-719K. It’s just the way it is. Should have brought the 719K form with you when you did the one compliant with the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

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For the US, it needs to be on the 719-K form and completed by a medical doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner licensed in the US.

wouldn’t have mattered unless the doctor is licensed in the US.

F*ck. I definitely should’ve brought a 719K. He was licensed in the US. Too late now? Email him and plead for him to fill it out accordingly?

Yea just email or call his office, they might fill it out and send it back over to you.

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Many thanks. Love the brain trust on here. Much faster than reading through the NMC website, or, God forbid, the CFRs.

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Though, do CFRs matter vis-a-vis STCW? Probably not.

Self-study update: yes, CFRs compliant with STCW. Jolly good.

They definitely do The US implements STCW via the CFR. STCW does not replace theCFR, e.g. having a foreign medical certificate doesn’t replace the requirement to have a U.S. issued certificate for your US MMC.

The NMA (isn’t it actually NMD) is a more thorough physical that usually costs 5 times as much as the standard USCG physical.

I have found that most doctors want to get paid twice or three times for doing the same damn thing.

Just go to a doc-in-a-box walk-in clinic and get a USCG physical. Take the USCG form with you.

It’s easier to go to a clinic that routinely does USCG physicals and that maritime employers use and trust, like Concentra.

Many smaller employers will accept a Concentra physical done within the last 6 months with no new company physical.


If you want to get pedantic, it’s not the NMA or the NMD, but the SFD, or Sjøfartsdirektoratet. In other happy news, the Norwegian word for “speed bumps” is fartshumpers.

I’ll probably have to pay a clinic like Concentra for doing the same darn thing again. The life of a mariner, bled dry whenever he’s ashore.

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My USCG physicals usually cost in the range of $100 to $150, plus gas or Ubers, parking, and my time. I often get my DOT truck driver physical (a bit less intensive than the USCG physical) at the same time and the money grubbing doctors always charge me another $100 or so for that.