Eng 1 vs medical certificate

What is the difference? If jobs are posting eng1 am I ok with uscg medical certificate?

Eng1 from
The United Kingdom Maritime
and Coastguard Agency

USCG Medical Certificate is from US.

You should contact the MCA and ask them.


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You mean using a US certificate on a UK flag vessel and for UK mariner credentials? Probably not, but you need to ask the UK MCA. Generally mariners need dodcuments issued by the flag of the vessel.

Some foreign employers ask for the ENG1, or equivalent.

The USCG Seamen’s medical is not considered equivalent because it is not considered to be a “full physical.”

The Canadian Medical Certs (and many others) are considered equivalent to the ENG1.

In my experience, the ENG1 physical. is more thorough than the USCG physical. The audiometer hearing test is always by machine in a sound booth, not a doctor loudly whispering “Merchant Mariner.” If you wear prescription glasses, you must take two pairs of glasses to the physical. The MCA is more fussy than the USCG, but the differences are not huge.

Dr Grenet in Fort Lauderdale is the only MCA Approved Doctor in the USA. He also does USCG physicals. If you pass, he issues your ENG1 certificate on the spot and hands it too you.

Yes, see the jobs for “or equivalent” wondering if the 719 covers the equivalent part?

NO, it is not equivalent!!!

This is another example of where the USCG has screwed American Mariners by not fully following STCW standards.

Simple, if expensive, problem to solve: Make an appointment with Dr. Grenet, fly to Fort Lauderdale, pass your physical, (if you need a MCA approved STCW course, take it at MPT), fly home with your ENG 1 in your briefcase.

Apply for jobs with your ENG1.

I operate a Cayman Flagged vessel with a Cayman CEC and they accept the USCG medical. Check with the flag state on if they accept the USCG. I know Cayman Islands flag accepts lots of STCW medical issued approved IMO nations.

For Cayman approved medical is on this link. In my industry the “ENG1” is use generically for STCW medical cert.

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I’ll be honest as I’ve done both the ENG1 and USCG medicals, the ENG1 is a joke at least in the UK.

ENG1: Barely had a physical, drug test, didn’t have to take clothes off, machine audio exam, vision exam, took maybe 20 minutes

USCG: Striped down, drug test, machine audio exam, machine vision exam, full discussion of medical history, had submit papers of all surgeries or medical incidents, took an hour

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My experience was the opposite.The USCG physical is a little bit easier than the MCA or Canadian physicals.

I’ve had the UK and US physicals done at the same time by Dr. Grenet in Fort Lauderdale. He did a thorough job and he’s actually good doctor, not the typical occupational medicine hack that most companies use.

Years ago there was a really horrible Dr. Green with an occupational medicine clinic in Newport. She would not pass me for the MCA physical without a bunch of additional expensive tests.

I’ve had the MCA physical and UKOG physicals in the UK (same doctor) and they were both a bit more intensive than the USCG physical.

The MCA and Transport Canada both accept equivalent physicals from many other countries, but not from the USCG. They say the USCG phyisical is “not a full physical.” What does that tell you?

A USCG physical is kind of like a USCG exam administered by test prep school, everybody passes, unless there is something drastically wrong.

There is no drug test in a MCA or Canadian physical. UK companies may drug test, but Canadian companies are not allowed to.

Which one? There are at least two.

The last time I had a USCG physical the Doc gave me grief for checking that I need corrective lenses because it slowed down the assembly line.

The ENG 1 physical