STCW (1AE) 3Kw/4000HP or More Question

I’m trying to submit for my STCW Second Engineer Officer (1 AE) 3Kw/4000HP or more endorsement and I’m confused with the competencies. If someone could help shed some light that would be awesome.

I’m assuming the NVIC 15-14 is only attainable sailing on unlimited vessels as this pertains to 4000HP+ vessels. What do they mean under number 2 of the notes by “operational-level assessments”? Are they referring to the NVIC assessments/sign offs?

Thoss are the assessments done for OICEW.

Unlimited what?

I do not know how it works in US but You have asked for STCW management level so here it is :

[STCW Convention and STCW Code 2011,incl manila conv-183-192.pdf (263.5 KB)

10-11 pages are an extract from STCW convention.

Hope it will help.

Okay that makes sense now for the the assessments for the OICEW. For the NVIC 15-14, I’m assuming I have to be on a vessel that is 3000Kw/4000HP or greater to obtain these sign offs. Unfortunately, I’ve changed careers and I am on vessels under 3000Kw/4000HP. So I believe this is not obtainable for me.