New USCG requirements for OICEW and No schools approved by USCG to teach courses. What can I do?

I am recently passed my exams for 3rd A/E. I need to get the OICEW endorsement. I sent my on board assessments, Advanced firefighting, ERM/leadership certs to NMC. They returned a letter to me with additional courses that I needed to take. I have attached the letter. I have contacted all schools that teach these courses on the USCG list. The problem is the USCG has not approved the schools to teach the courses yet. Was hoping MR. Cavo or somebody in the know might have some suggestions for me. I have had to pass on three good paying 3rd A/E jobs because I do not hold this endorsement. Any help or suggestions on the matter would be much appreciated Thank you!

To qualify for an STCW endorsement as OICEW, you must provide the approved training listed below: *Engine Resource Management (ERM); *Engineering terminology and shipboard operations; *Auxiliary machinery; *Motor plants, as applicable; *Electrical machinery and basic electronics; *Control systems; *Medical first-aid provider; *Advanced fire-fighting; Leadership and Team working

To qualify for an STCW endorsement as OICEW, you must provide assessments as specified in the STCW Code. Please provide operational level assessments signed by a qualified assessor. The assessments must be completed on a vessel of at least 1,000 HP/750 kW with a walk-in engine room and signed by a mariner who held an STCW endorsement for regulation III/2 or III/3 (chief engineer or second engineer officer) for at least one year until December 31, 2017. You may submit valid U.S. Coast Guard approved courses as evidence of assessment completion. If this option is used, the courses approval statement on file with the U.S. Coast Guard must state that it meets the identified assessments. The assessments submitted are incomplete. Task # 9.1.C must be completed. References: 46 CFR 11.329; STCW Code Table A-III/1; NVIC 17-14.

The required information can be submitted to us via email using IASKNMC@USCG.MIL .

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. Thank you for contacting the National Maritime Center. Have a great day!

where are you working?
you can’t have someone sign you off on the remaining assessments?
maybe find a job where someone can sign you off? i know easier said than done.

my blood would be boiling. passing those exams to have a license that is basically worthless without the oicew. you say there are no schools that do the assessments?

medical care provider should be an easy one to get done, assuming you have the funds.
thats been a requirement for a while.
i am a little confused, you are missing meece too? should be able to get that one easily too assuming you have the funds.

how about this since i am finding your post a little cryptic. what exactly are you missing? courses and assessment wise?

Thanks for the reply, These are the classes that I need and can’t find a place that teaches them. Yes my blood is boiling! The schools all tell me they have applied to teach the classes but the USCG is dragging their feet on the approval. I have completed the assessments and have sent them in. I have taken ERMlLeadership and Advanced fire fighting. Medical first aid provider is not a problem, I know I can take that anywhere, The classes below are the classes I’m having a problem with.

*Engineering terminology and shipboard operations;   *Auxiliary machinery;   *Motor plants, as applicable;  *Electrical machinery and basic electronics;  *Control systems;

meece may cover at least half of those. best to call some schools and ask.
there are plenty of options for schools that have meece, which would at least cover the electrical items you listed…i think, don’t hold me to it.

It’s crazy!!! Thanks again.

Call MPT, Star Center, Cahoun, and Mid-Atlantic. They probably have those courses. If not, they’ll know which schools do.

MEECE is not an OICEW course. Mid-Atlantic Maritime has Medical Care Provider and Med PIC approved, Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics approved, OICEW Motor approved, Auxiliary Machinery pending, Engineering Terminology pending, Control Systems in development.

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I had to do it for my chief osv, so yeah my apologies to the OP for mentioning meece.
I recall there being 3rd assistants in my class. guess they were planning on upgrades in the future, who knows? the instructor told us meece was a requirement for any oicew over 4000hp, but this wouldn’t be the first time a school was incorrect either.

Good morning, In response to your post Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy has the following OICEW Courses approved:
Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics (Also satisfies the OICEW - Engineering Terminology and Shipboard Operations course)
OICEW Motor.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call: 757-464-6008 or 757-457-7990
Good luck!

“The USCG is dragging their feet…” is a lame excuse. Assuming it’s true that courses have been submitted for approval but not yet approved (I have doubts…), schools deal with NMC on a daily basis and know how long it takes to approve a course, and they knew, or should have known, the requirement was coming since December 24, 2013. The schools have had 3.5 years to prepare.

There are course available. Not a lot of schools, but they are available. Search the schools suggested elsewhere in this discussion.

IMHO i would start with Calhoon since they’re the school for the MEBA


Definitely Calhoon first . They are twice the school that Mid Atlantic will ever hope to be . Nice area as well.

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How about go to the NMC web site and download the latest list of approved classes/schools? Search for the class name, and see what schools are approved for that class.

I’m not sure I like having to d/l the whole pdf of all classes/schools, as opposed to the old drop down menu search on the old version of their site. But you get all the information at once.

I guess my question is are you able to just go back out on 1 last trip an unlicensed and get the assessments that you need completed? Can these assessments count for the classes you need? Also how were you able to get your assessment paperwork? Did you print it offline or did you have the Coast Guard send it to you.

I will be starting my journey in about 6 months once I get my days in and will be following this thread closely.

The assessments are online for anyone to download.

Now all one can find for course approvals on the NMC website is a non-searchable PDF that is 1700 pages long. Unless one already knows where to look, it would take a complete print out and hours, if not days, to find what one is looking for.

The incompetent fools at NMC should be forced to bring back the searchable database. Complain to your Congressman now.

We need to flood Congressional offices around the country with complains about NMC. That’s the only way to get any improvements.

The assessments are in addition to the required training courses. Some may be incorporated into the courses but when the regs call for specific training courses, they need to be done.

The NMC is looking for feedback. Go to this site:

7/20/2017 Page | 1
National Maritime Center Requesting Customer Participation in Website Feedback
The National Maritime Center (NMC) is requesting your feedback regarding our new website, which was launched on June 29, 2017. U.S. Coast Guard directives required us to switch web platforms to the American Forces Public Information Management System, a content management system hosted by the Department of Defense.
This information will help us improve and refine the navigation experience on our website in an effort to better serve our customers. To facilitate this effort we need to hear from you.
We invite you to visit our feedback tool, which takes just a few minutes to complete and will have a positive impact on the function and format of our new website.
The NMC interacts with over 208,000 mariners active throughout the world, and our website receives roughly 1.4 million hits each year. The feedback you provide will allow us to improve our communications and the organization of content throughout the NMC website.
For all other questions or comments, please contact the NMC via our Online Chat, by e-mailing, or by calling 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662).
/K. R. Martin/
Kirsten R. Martin Captain, U.S. Coast Guard Commanding Officer

How does the NMC figure that it’s communicating with 208,000. Mariners?

The figures that I saw (now several years old) showed about 50,000 US mariners with an MMC.

“ctrl” “F” seems to work just fine on my computer for searching it both on-line and when I download it. :thinking:

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Hello Caitlin,

San Jacinto Maritime Center located in Houston, Texas offers OICEW - Auxiliary, OICEW - Diesel Engine, OICEW - Instrumentation, OICEW - Machinery & Basic Electronics w/ Assessments, ERM, MEECE, DDE 1000/4000 & DDE HP & QMED. You can see all their courses at the link below:

John Stauffer