Stability question from hawspiper

so here is the question I am running across.
The SS american mariner is ready to sail with the load show. Use the white pages of the stability data reference book to determine the available GM.
I dont know what I am doing wrong I have searched the forums… I have tried (LxB^3) divided by 420x D this doesnt lead to the answer I warped this formula in search of a answer as well… I have found the white page in my reference material but I dont really know where I should be looking. Ive worked on these problems for about four hours now and am completely frustrated. I am sure its something completely simple. But I guess the only dumb question is the one not asked!

Can you provide the entire question and answer choices? Maybe even the CG question number? Looking at the words leaves me blank, I do better when I can put the numbers in front of me…:slight_smile:

okay heres the answers and question number in deck safety its 2256
answers are
A. available GM 6.8ft
B. available GM 5.4ft
C. available GM 4.1ft
D. available GM 3.6ft

Too difficult to post a formatted solution, see the pdf.