500 Ton Stability exam

Has anyone had questions on the M/V Surveyor in their 500 NC Ton exam? I know the Hudson and American Mariner are standard questions.

Also, the sample tests from 2020 and 2023 from the NMC show a narrow set of 10 question topics, which seems to be the USCG telling us this is where they want us to concentrate. Although I have studied for a wide range, I am revising those particular topics more. How much can I expect that those will indeed be the types of questions?


I should mention those topics:

  1. Righting Arm
  2. Danger Angle
  3. Displacement in salt/fresh water
  4. Trivia
  5. Free Surface Correction
  6. Determine GM for Rolling Period
  7. Angle of List VCG
  8. VCG with/without liquid mud
  9. Loss of positive stability at what angle
    10)Which tanks to ballast to increase GM

One other they put in was amount of liquid load requirement to meet One Compartment Standard problem.

Those are all
The questions you’ll get. I have had m/v surveyor might have been on the deck gen safety stability test though.