Spacex looking for a captain

Ran across this on LinkedIn:
Captain, Bob/Doug (Marine Operations): $36,000.00 annual salary + $930.00 per day worked

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Couldn’t pay me enough to work for spacex…again. Their safety culture is akin to the 70s oilfield.

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Could you elaborate?

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kinda small change for the amount the captain invested in training and maintaining his license
deck hand on ferries in san francisco make more than that, about double

San Fran ferries pay $930 a day for deckhands?!

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Would take the job and work pro bono just to have SPACEX in my resume.

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As long as the launches continue at the present rate, the pay should be decent.

Does that mean they only get paid when there’s launches? Or are they paid everyday like everybody else?

The ad says $36,000.00 annual salary + $930.00 per day worked. That tells me Bob and Doug are primarely needed for launch evolutions and it’s not steady.
I was in Cape Canaveral last fall for about two and a half months and they were launching for Starlink and other clients more or less every couple of weeks and occasionally a couple of times in one week.
You get to sleep in your own bed although not necessarily at night since that’s when most launches take place.

Are those actual SpaceX owned/operated, or Guice Offshore?

Either way, in the realm of limited tonnage gigs, that’s a pretty cool job. If I was living in that area I’d be interested.

A little surprised about the safety culture comment. Again, is that GO or SpaceX?


2016ish during the roughest time of my career with no other options, took a job on a contracted support vessel as a master for spacex west coast ops. Started with cargo dragon capsules then also did personnel transfers with their west coast falcon recovery barge.

-Pay was absolute shit, and was by no means fair or commesurate with the responsibilities of the job. This actually wasn’t spacex’s fault, i blame the company that owned the boat and was taking advantage of me. It was a 100 ton vessel with 100 ton manning requirements, and obviously it was very slim pickings for the time and they knew it. The irony of their job postings for bob/doug is those are larger vessels with bigger ticket requirements, and spacex is crewing them up themselves. I would expect better wages as opposed to my situation.

2016 was a time in this industry where one couldn’t be picky and held on to whatever they had for dear life. As soon as i was able to move on to greener pastures I bailed, and consider myself very fortunate that no one got hurt in the year and a half I was there. It was a constant, agonizing battle to make things as safe as possible.

-The people calling the shots are like the cast of the big bang theory, only with less real world experience and not funny at all.

-Safety is great, assuming it doesn’t delay or interfere with any timelines/missions.

-Its only ok to say no, if it doesn’t delay or interfere with any timelines/missions.

-There can be a shiny new tesla for you if you lose a limb for the team.


I believe those are the boats spacex bought from chouest (240ft class?) and chouest was crewing them in the beginning. I don’t believe thats the case anymore.

I didn’t work for GO, or on spacex east coast ops. I can only speak for spacex west coast ops.

Lets think about it really hard. We are saving billions here reusing rockets launching satellites that are making millions, and at the time making who knows how much reusing cargo capsules going to the ISS. Is it that hard to believe that ‘safety’ in all of its relative variables of meaning can only be used when convenient?

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It’s a decent place, yes you are paid the whole time you are on rotation, (28/28). Yes the safety culture is a little lax, but it’s a fun job, kinda makes you feel like a sailor again. I wouldn’t pass up on the job. This is speaking for the two larger vessels, the Bob and Doug (both 280 class). I have no input on the smaller ex GO vessels. All vessels are owned and managed by space X. ECO and GO are no longer involved.

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The way that ad reads, it leads me to believe its a salary position and when the boat actually goes offshore you are getting paid the 900+ a day while on a misson. Is that not the case?

So all the GO boats that were doing barge missions and manned capsule recoveries are now owned AND crewed directly by spacex? Last I heard GO had a boat on the west coast too.

Yes the small 100 ton GO boats were bought by space X and crewed by them. Same story for the chouest boats. There may be one on the west coast still operated by GO but not sure.

From what the mariners we trained at space X told us before the took over the vessels from ECO was that it was 36k a year base so you get a check every pay period and then on your rotation you also get that day rate for however many days worked in each pay period.


So it’s 36k + (930 x 180) ish?

Over 200k if that’s the case.


I applied for the East Coast NASA booster recovery Star vessels back in the day but wasn’t hired.

Yes, but I urge everyone to contact Space X recruiting with these questions. This is what was passed on to us during their training period. Could have changed by now…

you dont get the $930 unless your out at sea. SF deck hand make more than 36K per year, thats the point

You get $930 for every day worked, and according to a guy who worked there it’s a 28/28 schedule. There’s no deckhand making that much money anywhere.