Delivery Crew, Morgan City, LA

We are making a few deliveries per month, mostly 4-6 days each. Let me know if your are interested.

I’m interested, but probably won’t be available until lat October.

What does it pay? Travel covered?

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Pay depends on a lot of things, license, experience, ship flag, delivery location, duration. We need a chief engineer ASAP for a 5 day run to Mississippi and back. 180’ no DP, as basic a ship as one could want. Depart Thursday

Ok, that makes sense, but what is pay range?

If you are not willing to say, the presumption must be that’s it’s embarrassingly low.


I might be, depends on the pay, and when I would be needed

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There is that “what does it pay” thing again.

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What license is needed for the chief position?

And what is the pay?

DDE 2000! it’s 297 GRT and 1700 HP

Hey JW-Oceans, what’s the pay?

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What’s the matter with you guys? Just go do the job and be greatful for whatever he pays you. Roflmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Seriously, Mariners need to get together and be firm and tell owners that advertise jobs, who to have secret whatever they feel like paying wages to go pound sand.

Many states require all job ads to include a pay range. Job ads posted online reach every state. Unless they want to exclude mariners from Mass, New York, Washington, others (which have many mariners), these ads with pay ranges appear to violate state laws.

If we stand firm these secret wage jobs will disappear into history alongside the scumbag charge the Mariner a fee headhunters.


How many boats do you own? Have you ever had to crew up a vessel that you paid for? Have you ever had to keep your vessel tied up because crew? I not only Own the boat, but I am also the Captain.

Pay is irrelevant in these matters. $700 per day chief will walk off faster than a $500 per day chief because their coffee creamer did not come with groceries…. and you better believe it. Or something as little as for $5 per day more pay.

True story… I got my very first Captains job because the entire crew quit at the same
time because some genius riled up the crew with union and pay talks. Of course i knew nothing about this until i arrived. Everyone on board quit…. i arrive at midnight and the owner replaced the crew the next day. At least they were kind enough to wait until I arrived to walk off…. Entire new crew, less than 6 hrs later we were underway because we had a job to do and we did it.

A professional mariner should be able to walk on a boat and get it done, there is a curve on these newer vessels but could be handled in a couple of hrs.

My range. $20-$70 per hr. and I will offer you low, prove you are worth it, prove you can get along with the Men and Women onboard, and maybe you will be offered a full time spot for top pay.

This is not a job posting, it’s an offer of interest for someone maybe looking for some work on their time off…. and if things work out, they will be asked to stay on full time. If not, we need warm bodies from time to time.

This makes it sound like you’ve always been willing to scape the barrel.

This might work for some OS/ deckhand but not for anyone one with skill or a license. If you won’t mention the pay per position no one is going to take you serious.
You’ll make out better if you offer a pay range per each position and then just say it’s negotiable based on experience…… And I don’t think you’d be on here asking about crew if you didn’t need it. Many moons ago before I went deep sea I worked on vessels where the DDE was paid more than the captain bc he needed a good man. So mentioning your pay should be irrelevant.


Reading between the lines, and hearing $20 to $70 an hour, he just said that he doesn’t pay jack shit to anyone unless he thinks they walk on water, then he’ll give them low average wages with no benefits for short term gigs.

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I don’t expect benefits for just deliveries or short gigs but I would at least expect them to be upfront with some ball park day rates.
I haven’t done any deliveries myself but I know guys who have done some yacht deliveries. The delivery company “crewing lady” had a call list. They agreed to a day rate with the company before hand so when they picked up the phone they knew they would be getting 500 dollars a day regardless of the type or duration of delivery (this was years ago). They did some cool deliveries of yachts from the Caribbean to the med between yachting seasons.
I also know some who hopped on coastwise tugs for short last minute trips but I believe those wages were always set right before the voyage with the owners / company in desperation for crew… so they paid well


Pay is not irrelevant. For a lot of people that is the single most relevant component.

That is not to say you need to pay more than the position warrants, but many people, myself certainly, will not look at a job that does not even post so much as a range. I know what I need and/or want for pay, so there is no point in going through the motions and wasting both parties time just to find out at the end of a long conversation that we aren’t even in the same ballpark.

If its $20-$70 DOE and that is appropriate for the job and vessel then that’s fine, but be up front about it.


Interested but not available til late August. Do you think you might have something then for mate?

Do you hear this guy’s Jeaux Bawss attitude?

Oh please, don’t help this guy crew up on the cheap. There are enough decent paying jobs available. You don’t need to do this.


Only if you’re 22, live with your parent(s) and are looking to put days on your paper, but if you are an adult, with adult responsibilities, then pay is very relevant, if I wont cover my bills, why take the berth?


I need a decent paying job where they dont force you to take covid shots or wear those useless masks