Spacex looking for a captain

Are the ships greater than 100 ton?

Both are just under 3000GT

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Any info on how to contact sx recruiting? No listed dedicated hr phone or email. The general phone message says go to a website (sounds like jobvine), no web address is given.
Jobvine site is impossible to get any info from.

they make over 100 K+ a year doubt that you’ll get 100 days sailing for space X

Based on what?

I don’t know that info, sorry.

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Go to Linkedin, SpaceX, click on the apply button at the bottom of the listing. It will take you to an online application form. They are also hiring crew. Good luck.

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I’m not too privy to what goes on these days, but there’s been times in the past they would have a pretty busy schedule. Some of those recovery sites are several hundred miles offshore and more times than not they have to use back up days due to weather or other issues. Some sea days can stack up when that happens.

Ctony is right. I’ve seen many launches scrubbed at the last minute and rescheduled due to weather conditions. Weather is responsible for half of all scrubbed launches