Sorry! But a guess on time left? Mmc


Sorry to post again but I got an AI letter. I put 100grt as was told to do and they would adjust gir sea service. I guess the calculation provided was no where close to what the vessel was registered to be. I had no idea, no biggy though. I can upgrade after working. It was in the security check stage for weeks. The website is down but got an email Friday for AI. Sent it back with pdf. They went through my sea service, and back round. I already have TWIC and medical. Am I getting close? Any estimate on time from here out or reports of “printer issues” or anything. I have work waiting and it has been a struggle getting by until God willing I receive this ticket.

Use Andy.

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Sounds like you in the review stages. Assuming everything you sent back was correct, another couple weeks.

Do I still need consultation at this point?

It’s hard to determine from your above post. So you submitted for tonnage and they said you didn’t have enough? Did you resubmit and request the appropriate license? What are you trying to get?

I was told to put down 100 and they will give you what you qualify for. And it came out to enough to count for 100 ton. They looked up the vessel and had the actual not estimated weight and it which was less. So they said I can only get 25. Fine with me. I can upgrade quick. They asked for “a statement “ clarifying 25grt near coastal. I replied in the email, not sure what kind of statement they want and it has been closed for the holiday. I also some how missed the official number on my boat but gave the title. I put the number on the sheet and sent it in pdf.

I am looking for oupv, 25grt near coastal, stcw, assitance towing. I sent in all the certificates.

You said you can’t work and make money because of the NMC hold up. I think the answer if you need outside assistance to get your license squared away is obvious.

So this isn’t exactly relevant but it’s something you need to know, gross tonnage isn’t weight.

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You are lucky that I don’t work for USCG.

If you do not understand that a vessel’s gross registered tonnage (GRT) used for licensing has absolutely nothing to do with the “weight” or “displacement tonnage” of the vessel, then you are obviously not qualified to receive a license.

If you don’t know how to read a vessel’s GRT off of its Document or you are too lazy to look it up on the internet, then you are not qualified to hold a license.

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I know the difference, jeeze. They emailed me back a different number that wasn’t on the registration. That is what I am saying.

Oh, you mean it’s a vessel registered by a State with State boat numbers, that it is undocumented and has not been “admeasured”, and therefore, has no official “gross tonnage” assigned.

There is a USCG formula to estimate gross tonnage for small (state registered) vessel sea service. I don’t happen to recall it, but these are typically vessels under 65 feet in the 25 ton or less range.

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Correct me I am wrong here but an OUPV license does not require any specific tonnage just the route.

Maybe you are confused with National Master less than 100grt? If you are applying for a masters license OUPV should not appear on your application.

You also wrote STCW are you talking about full STCW for master less than 500gt? Or did you take a basic safety class?

You need To put the vessel and all info for sea service. I have in masters upgrade too. Yes basic stcw