SOLAS vs. Security

This Mediterranean migrant mess is ongoing. Can a crew of 25 safely operate their vessel and care for hundreds of migrants at the same time? Without knowing who they are? If they’re armed? Where they will be allowed to disembark? Feeding them? What would you do?

What else can you do?

Look the other way and keep moving.

Taking them onboard and and heading for Europe makes you part of the human trafficker’s business plan. The only reason the business still exists is because a bunch of NGOs complete the final leg of the transit at no cost to the traffickers, it only increases their market and profits while reducing their costs and risk.

Look the other way and keep sailing? Not what mariners do.

I asked one of the bridge officers. He says that there is a plan in place, if the need arises, we make shelters for them on the deck: they wouldn’t be allowed inside. He says that we have non-perishable stores (food and medicine) which are designated for this plan.

I think what Steamer says is true, but we aren’t politicians. We’re just people who have heartfelt and legal obligations to save lives. Snusmumriken is right, too: What else can we do?

My Arabic is a little rusty, anyone know how to say “our destination is Benghazi, we’ll be glad to take you there if you like”