Search and rescue zone north of the Libyan coast

The #SeaWatch4 is on her way to the search and rescue zone north of the Libyan coast. As the European states not only deny their duty to rescue but also to coordinate rescues, civil actors are needed in the central #Mediterranean more than ever.

Humanitarian rescue at sea of vulnerable persons is enshrined in maritime law. UNCLOS 1982.
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Some of these ‘search and rescue’ organisation are allegedly involved with illegal human trafficking, an important cog in the system where people pay traffickers big money to migrate to Europe without a visa.

Lots of the people trying to migrate across the Mediterranean without a visa are not refugees as they are travelling from safe country, they are economic migrants travelling with the incorrect visa.

People from many European countries can’t just travel to Africa without a visa and get a job, so no there is no reason why Africans should be allowed to travel to Europe without a visa.

There are many poor people around the world would love the opportunity to move to Europe, many follow the rules and get the correct visa to allow them to travel, it would be unfair on them to reward people travelling without a visa.


Just what the world needs, another link in the human trafficking chain. Why don’t you ask for funding from your associates who collect the cash to smuggle them to the beaches in Libya?

Yours is a disgusting component of a filthy business that will not stop as long as you continue to make it profitable for the traffickers.

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worked there a few years ago, in the summer the financial terrorists would paddle out to the jackets hoping we would pick them up ( AHTS) and take them to Malta but the Libyans said pick them up, wait till dark then drive back into Tripoli and unload them.
So our company complied and under the law you drop them at the nearest place.
They were not Lybians, so already in the country illegally.
Tripoli was fine then, all the crew could wander the streets.