Emergency Evacuations - Important Info For Those Stuck In Libya, Egypt, Bahrain

Hey guys gCaptain has received emails today from mariners and oil workers stuck in the Middle East and seeking help in evacuating the country.

While there is little I can do directly, in covering the piracy stories, we have been working, for a number of years, with various security companies in the area. The best, by far, in emergency evacuation services is Global Rescue.

The company was originally referred to me a few years back by a navy SEAL who had been my roommate from the academy. He said they where the best… a fact that was proven when a writer for our sister site suffered a fatal ski crash in the andes mountains last year. It was a tragic story but, the bottom line is, that GR got our friend’s remains back to California without incident. They are true heros in what they do.

I would trust these guys with my life so, if you have friends in region looking for help getting out, our contact there is Tom Bochnowski at: 1.617.459.4213 (or you can call their hotline at (617) 459-4200) - feel free to tell him John Konrad of gCaptain sent you. If it’s an emergency call the hotline and if you have any trouble feel free to contact me directly (805-456-8644) and I’ll introduce you to their head of operations (another former Navy SEAL).

Of note: If your ship is due to transit the Middle East, your best bet is to sign up for their membership plan today so they can work out a contingency plan before you get to the area.

[I]Disclose: Neither gCaptain nor myself have ever received money from GR for endorsing their services but they did provide me with a free membership in return for maritime consultancy work I have done for them in the past. I did the work for no money, just a membership card, because I believe helping mariners in immediate distress is a noble cause and GR is the best in the business of getting people off ships and/or out of dangerous countries in a hurry.[/I]