Moral Call?

Ok John,

What exactly are you suggesting that mariners do about this? Your quote “a moral call to those at sea”. I can relate to your frustration and empathy for the migrants, it is a terrible situation. But…I hope that you are not suggesting that mariners follow their emotions and not follow the law? It is easy to point out the problems of the world, like pro publica, workable solutions are another mater.

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Pointing fingers at the CG in this context is ironic, their hands are tied, like the Border Patrol and every other agency that has to deal with this humanitarian dumpster fire. Entrusting border security to the administration that brought you the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco is like entrusting Jeffrey Epstein with taking your young daughters on a camping trip.

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I didn’t mean to call out mariners but, yeah, that’s not the best wording. I’ll fix it.