So this MarAd C/E and I were talking, and I told him I was going back to sea, and he

says, where?

I said, one place I will go job hunt is the Gulf of Mexico.

And he says, you are going to sail with those dumb coon-asses huh?

And we both just kinda sat there, and looked at each other, and you could cut the irony in the room with a knife.

Happened today.

PS- he “hates” everyone. It’s not personal. I’ve known him for years.

Yea we sure are dumb asses making twice as much as him while also working half as much, yep we sure are a bunch of dumb fucks.

And for the record there are very few officers from Louisianan anymore so tell him to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

I’ve encountered those type of comments in the Northeast frequently. Ironic when you hear them at the galley table, directly underneath the boat’s builder plaque that’s stamped in Louisiana!

Oh his lovely rust bucket was built in Europe like most of the RRF! That’s MarAd looking out for the American shipbuilders don’t ya know.

Some of these RRF guys have been in that particular fleet for 15-20 years…a lot of those guys might have 800 sea days if their lucky.

Some went back to sea after AMO lost (some of) the SL7 steamers. But yeah, it’s a big welfare program! Especially for MarAd surveyors! They are chosen for their ability to play politics. The program is a colossal waste of tax dollars and if the average taxpayer knew… Or not.