Small Vessel General Permit Goes Into Effect Dec. 19, 2014 Are you Ready for It?

The EPA’s Small Vessel General Permit goes into effect Dec. 19, 2014 for all commercial vessels operating in US waters less than 79 feet in length. There has been little notice of this in the industry press. Want to learn more about this new regulation?

Go to to learn more about it.

The company I work for has been doing this for the past 4 or 5 years. Surprised to hear others are just hearing about this.

You are referring to the VGP.

To cover vessels under 79 feet they implemented the SVGP.

Yep, the VGP was implemented in our company several years ago. It really isn’t that complicated either.

Just more useless bullshit paperwork that no one except an auditor will ever read. No big deal by itself, but along with all the rest of it, it’s just another step toward converting mariners into accountants.

The bullshit thing is if you go on the EPA website you really can’t get any information about the vgp’s.

I now see they have updated their website!