Vessel General Permit

Has anyone been to training regarding the Vessel General Permit that would have been given by a training company or your company? If so how complicated is it? I have been looking for a company in South Louisiana that gives the training but can not find any. Any help on this would be appreciated.

I haven’t heard of a training program. I just went over the directive and the information book and put everything in the computer, that made it easy. As rediculous as it is. I was on a tug and they wanted the amount of grey water over the side and it was just a guess.

ECO does theirs in-house (like everything else), but there’s nothing to it. It’s just a power point presentation of the requirements and how it’s handled through our SMS - just a basic familiarization.

The company that owns/operates the vessel should have a “program” that lays out the requirements for the specific vessel. Similar to an SMS or Security program. If they have put together a manual it is really pretty easy to adhere to, it is only a matter of getting the crew onboard. If they have not yet put together a manual they should have a copy of the permit application and that will list the requirements for your vessel. Then you will have to do a little research to get blank copies of all the logs you will need to keep & I would think examples are available on the EPA’s website.