Slavery on Thai fishing boats

Slavery on Thai fishing boats hasn’t gone away:

They are a model for the FoC industry. A navaid on the waterway to riches for owners and politicians.

It’s not just Thai ships:

The video from 2013 below is the rescue of a Burmese fisherman who was thrown overboard after asking for his wages, he had been working for 6 months, luckily a passing ship spotted him and rescued him, it’s sickening to think how many haven’t been rescued.

In 2018 I worked a couple of months with a young Malaysian 3rd Eng who had graduated 2 years previous. We had plenty of time to tell sea stories & he said some of the instructors at his academy would use corporal punishment on him & the other students. Knowing all the backwardness in the world I shouldn’t have been surprised about it but was. What was worse, according to him, of his class of over 100 he was 1 of only 3 who found a job at sea after graduation. It was during the '15-'16 oil crunch & the market was saturated with unemployed mariners. Those poor saps wore the uniforms, jump through all the hoops & literally took beatings to drive taxis & work in the hospitality industries.

An Indonesian found dead in the freezer hold of a Chinese fishing vessel: