Slavery at Sea

Hightech method to monitor “Slavery at Sea”:

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wow, a lot of effort went into that study, it is amazing what you can do with modern technology. I wonder if dodgy fishing vessel operators might be getting worried that they can be detected.

As long as the politicians enable them, the fishing vessel operators will continue, I assume.

Where I live back in the day Skipjack captains would sometimes kidnap their crews in the fall. They knew they couldn’t put into port and keep the crew, so buy boats came out to buy oysters and sell them supplies. The crew hoped at least they would get paid off in the spring, some of the worst captains would line the crew up to give them their pay and then gybe, the long low boom would come across and knock the crew off the boat. This was called “paying off with the boom” :fearful:
Sad to see this STILL goes on.

Ahhhhhh, the old “paying off with the boom” faux-sea story, as told by every blow boater from Suqehanna flats to Cape Henry. :sailboat: It always gets old.

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