The crime of being a seafarer

Three Indian seafarers held in house arrest in Indonesia for 8 months:

It is not a new problem, nor does it happen only in “3rd world countries”:


USA is the worst offender ( no bail for foreigners so stay locked up till the judge says, sorry you can go)and in breach of UN law as most are.
That USCG clown show where they locked up the incoming German Captain and CH Eng of a cruise ship who had never worked on the vessel was proof of that.
I guess the difference is when they do it Asia its for extortion ( Batam)
Even Singapore did that ( to deflect the Navies incompetence no doubt) when the cooks assistant drove the navy vessel under a container ship.

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A submarine, no doubt?

When did this happen? Any refr.? (not a “buddy told me”)

Probably this one:

Yes I remember this incident very well. It was headline news in Singapore for days while the search and later salvage operation was under way.
The inquiry and later court case was also covered extensively at the time.

Can’t remember anything about any “Cook’s Assistant” though.(??)

They convicted the officers but there were people on the bridge that shouldnt have been left alone, hence the mistake they made.
NS guys told me it was common for the regulars to be playing majong in the galley and leave anyone on the bridge.
The newspaper did publish who was on the bridge, its didnt look good.

As it happens we sailed the round Horsburgh Lighthouse race the week before.
That boat was sailing up and down the TSS on the same side, so against the traffic, we all said wow thats a bit dangerous for a boat that size in that area as no inshore zone.

I believe the cook’s name was Casey Ryback. Unless it was an actual submarine in which case likely referring to this cook.

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I cant remember but they were all kids. Perhaps if it was Casey they would have gotten away with the maneuver
As it happens they dont cook on board, the guys told me they get food trolleys like aircraft, just heat it.
Maybe thats just short trips with National Servicemen?
First time the gov charged a military person in a civilian court

As Jack Ryan said, “A God damn cook!”