The crew of Wakashio still in custody

If you are a seafarer you are “guilty until proven innocent” apparently:

This doesn’t only apply to Mauritius.


After a year and a half most of the crew are still held hostage by the barbarians in Mauritius. This is as reprehensible (if not more so) than the crew abandonment issue that never seems to go away.

I think it is time for the UN or some purportedly “civilized” power to impose sanctions on countries that permit or commit these crimes against seafarers. Maybe huge insurance rate increases for voyages to those nations would help if governments still don’t care enough to act. Let insurance pay the third world villagers held hostage as much as the leader of the hostage taking nation is paid and we will see how long these atrocities exist.

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Here is from Jakarta Post:

Since they have been behind bars for 18 months they may be freed soon. (??)

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The saga is over (??):

Chalk up another one to the use of smartphones while “driving”.