Shore side contact

Greetings All,
Sitting here plotting and scheming, ya it’s the mid-watch. Just wondering if any of the companies that we work for have a shore side contact similar to the Navy Detailers?
For non-vet’s, Detailers were senior enlisted folks that were a point of contact for your rating or specialty, in my case Sonar Tech. They were the ones to ask about transfers, schools, etc.
I think as these companies continue to grow, adding this type of position would alleviate the frustration with vessel coordinators that don’t have the time or inclination to be of assistance…
OK, back to the be MS/ISM…

Great idea.
Would be wonderful to have a knowledgeable resource to help a motivated mariner plan out his professional and career development.

I don’t know how a company would benefit from having someone move you along in your career to potentially leave to go on to bigger and better things. I would think that there might be room for an independent consultant do that kind of thing, however you would have to pay for it. . . .

Looks like it’s time to start a new association/society/charity/organization/mission/non-profit/501-C3! The “Mariner’s Professional Development Society”, or MPDS for short! Fellow mariners donating their time to hash out the details of career advancement and share their skills and experiences for the betterment of their fellow mariners, while receiving advice themselves in return. Actually this sort of sounds familiar… I feel like there is a website where this sometimes takes place… G something? gMariner, gSeaman… gCaptain! That’s it!

Perhaps it’s time for a new section on the gCaptain forum. Maybe the hamsters running the wheels that power the gCaptain main-frame would be kind enough to give MPDS a home of its own here on the forum, a place where people can ask questions that, elsewhere on the forum, would earn them only “the pointy stick”. What if the gCaptain forum had a place where people could ask professional development questions, whether just coming into the industry or already a career veteran, without fear of reprisal. A judgement exclusionary zone, perhaps? We’d have to get C.Captain to go along with it of course, but I think he could be persuaded.

What say you John and Mike? What say the mighty wheel-spinning hamsters of gCaptain?

This isn’t about moving up and out, or career advice. This is about companies with thousands if employees having a facilitator that keeps track of the needs of the fleet and the desires of those in that fleet. It in fact would probably be a retention tool, as many now have to look outside to make a move in any timely fashion.

Could be a great resource for those of us running around in orange helmets.