Need Everyone Help here

I have been foraging through the post of the last few days. And have compiled some of the information. I am in the current process of creating a excel searchable spreadsheet with all the companies I have found and with their contact information. In the next few days I will PM some of the senior members with the spreadsheet to get their input on it and to see if any changes should be made. And after that I will post it for all

I have one request for another document that I would like to create and that is a payscale. If everyone would respond with what knowledge they have about the pay thier recieving and for what job (deckhand, OS, etc) would be appreciated. I have look through some websites but it seems like no one has the first hand knowledge from the work force.

And to all I havent stayed with Mrs Claudette yet at her B and B. But she has been kind to give me a little information about places when i have asked. I defintly will stay there when I go there, or I get a job before having to stay I will pay her just for her knowledge.

Thanks to all