Hr connections

Hello, looking for a change of Scenery and thinking about cruise ships or offshore supply. I have a second class ticket and refuse to pay for access to these companies but finding the right HR guy is impossible. Some of these huge world wide companies have offices in every country world wide, which one do you contact??? I just want to make sure my CV reaches the guy that says “you are hired” and doesn’t lay forgotten in the “faxes in” box at every office building on the planet. Has anyone had success getting with these outfits?? If so could you please share your contact info. Name Address Phone and Fax. Thank you in advance.


Wow, cruise ships and offshore supply are drastically different fields to work in. I don’t know the answer to this question but can give some hints. First start with the secretary or operator, ask them who does the hiring, then try to confirm it. Second go to the job boards and do a search for the company you want to target… some list the name of the person who posted the job, then go to the company’s website and search for that person. Third, do a company search in Linked in (join our group while you’re there), then look for HR people. If you pay the $20 per month for their Premium Service you can send anyone a note directly… I’ve had a bunch of success with this trying to find sources for articles we write on the blog. Last try a search for the person on ourMaritime Search Engine, sometimes associations they belong to have the person’s contact info listed.
I actually built the maritime search engine after the REC wrongly ruled against me on a license issue. The OCMI rubber stamped the REC’s ruling and I couldn’t get past the OCMI’s secretary. He had a common name so Google was fairly useless but after putting his name into our custom search I found his cell phone listed in the Port Of Long Beach association website. Called him and he agreed with my point!

All helpful, Thank you!