Cruise ship jobs?

How to go about finding them is my question.

I’ve done some searching jobs boards, such as here, but find few listings, and gone to cruise line websites, but some don’t have a listing of positions or direct way to contact them.

Do union halls have jobs for the cruise lines? Are there some good crew agents, or websites, that cater to that industry?


You should send a PM to Ordinary Seaman. I think he’s got the inside track on that side of the industry.

A little bit of Google work can turn up who does most the crewing for cruise lines. My experience has been that the parent websites are good places to look if you are an entertainer, hairdresser, or are interested in hotel staff. Most the deck and engine positions are handled by crewing agencies, and most try to keep a single nationality among the officers.

That said, the funnest job I ever had was 2/M aboard a cruise ship. Also the worst pay. My second worst paying job paid over twice what I made on a cruise ship.

I’d suggest hitting up the companies main web sites and look for contact info on LinkedIn of peoples in HR of the companies you are looking at. They may be able to get you a better foot hold and point you in the correct direction for mariners looking for hire. Appears as if the positions listed on the main sites directly cater to the needs of hospitality, entertainment, bar/restaurant services, and shoreside positions.

Get on and search for the companies and seek the right people to get you pointed in the correct place! Good luck! I will be starting the job search in May/June in this industry!

yeah i;m going deck or engineering track, and it has been more difficult to find those postings. thanks for the suggestions i’ll dig some more. right now i am just getting started so i’ve go no sea miles, and just my bst and mmc.

James- sent you a pm.

There aren’t many entry level deck/engine jobs now- especially on cruise ships.

SIU staffs the “Pride of America” in Hawaii- with AB unlimiteds- ans OS’s from the apprenticeship program at Piney Point

All of the other US flagged ships are WAY smaller- mostly 100- 200 footers.

Cruisewest, Lindlblad , American Canadian Carribean Cruises, and American Cruiselines are the major players.

Only Cruisewest and American hire much- and not many open positions lately. People are holding on to their jobs.

I’d recommend Piney Point- or working in the Hotel/Food and beverage side- then jumping to deck or engine from there- that’s how I started.

Good luck:)

I spent over 10 years working on cruise ships for several different companies. In all that time, I have only met 1 American in the Deck or Engine Department. These positions are all filled by Greek or Italian crew. Try NCL America. Becuase they fly under an American flag they HAVE to hire an all American crew. Good LUCK!

Not sure if they have engineering related vacancies but it’s always worth contacting them over at I think the site has only gone up recently as I haven’t come across it before, and they seem to have quite a few varied roles on there.

There are various recruitment agency where there are several vacancy on cruise ships. you can get the agency list via google even offshore do have some sort of cruise jobs.