Do cruise lines hire Ordinary Seamen?

I know cruise lines are not held in very high regard by most merchant mariners, but, as an entry-level guy myself, I am open anything that would get me a foot in the door.

Do any of you know if cruise lines hire entry-level mariners? I have been on the websites for various cruise lines and very few of them have positions open for merchant mariners. Some of them do not even seem to recruit for the positions, only for hospitality positions.

Here ya go
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Plenty of clickin’ you can do there.

Most of them have crewing agencies which won’t really look at your OS or AB application unless you are from the Philippines or India; however, you’ll see some jobs on Royal Caribbean’s and Celebrity’s websites pop up from time to time.

Look up Ordinaryseaman on here. He was on a couple plus years ago. Lots of good info for new guys. This guy brought out a good bit of info from the forum members. I think he ended up working the Great Lakes on the bulk carriers. Good luck.