Chevron hiring OSs?

A good man here on gCaptain alerted me the other day that Chevron was hiring Ordinary Seamen. However, searches on both and the search engines yielded no results. What I was able to find indicates that the position may have existed, but is no longer available.

Anybody know anything? And how common is it for petroleum companies to hire entry-level merchant mariners?

I believe Chevron deck department is part of the Sailors Union.

I’ve met a few ex Chevron guys working on containers. They were all SUP. Try calling one of their dispatch halls. Or PM me and I’ll get you in contact with someone in that union. search ordinary seaman casual. include all your relevant background at the chevron website.

Thank you for your help, everyone, but it looks like the job is no longer open. It would not have mattered anyway; I need my Basic Safety certificate to apply.

How often do oil companies hire ordinary seamen?

That is probably for the downstream side. Check this out.

[QUOTE=txwooley;141224]That is probably for the downstream side. Check this out.[/QUOTE]

I saw that. No positions available (click on "View & Apply to Jobs).

Liberty. Great Lakes, has non-union and union vessels, poor employee reviews on line, stcw reqs not as stringent up there.

Chevron advertises a few times a year for OS.

Conoco, never seen ads for OS, maybe they do hire. They adv for AB regularly, so maybe they’re a bad employer.

Sea River. Seagoing jobs not mentioned on their website, may mean they go thru a union hiring hall.

Chevron advertises a few times a year for OS. [/QUOTE]

I guess they were right; Chevron - Simply Smarter! :cool: