Working For Chevron

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Does anyone have an opinion, as to why or why not one should seek employment with Chevron? I see that they (Chevron) post on Indeed often, and to me that could be a red flag. That they cannot keep people around. I would appreciate your comment’s.


Ohio Lenape

I sailed the ‘mississippi’ for a few voyages and sure didn’t see anything awry. Doubtful one can fault much a old well established organization with thousands of employees much.
the food was the best I ever had aboard.

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“the food was the best I ever had aboard.”
I agree. It was 1977 off the southern California coast when they were supplying oil to power plants before natural gas from Texas.

In the past, I only had some passing experience surveying their US Flag fleet. I did spend a lot of time on their FOC fleet, including a few ship riding job rafting tanks and all. I found those ships to be well maintained and operated and the crews content and competent.

Worked for CVX for 10 years, best Company I ever worked for in the Marine Industry. Do not get confused, they’re far from perfect and yes, you will be just another employee number.