Shore life sucks

I got laid off a while ago. At first I thought I’d like being home. Seeing friends and hanging out with them. But life on the shore ain’t what it used to be. All my friends are busy with life, bar life has got boring, and my side gig as a mover is tedious and boring. God just put me back on an iron ore boat steaming towards Duluth in a squall. I miss the old man, cook, cheif and bosun. The current guys I’m working with at the moving company are ex cons with the maturity level of a 5 year old. I like provocative and off color humor. But the same guy saying the same rape jokes gets old. I miss going up the street with the rest of the deck department to The Landing in Two Harbors for a good night while we load iron ore. Seriously, idc if I’m on a pontoon boat with a glass jar of iron ore pellets. This shit sucks. My best moments have been out sailing. Not rotting away in my apartment only to drive back to a bunch of 2 dimensional hacks. Waving to the boat nerds along the St. Mary’s River


Grand River is Hiring!

So apply for another job sailing?

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yea, if you have the qualifications get something going. hanging out with that moving crowd will ruin your brain.

There are plenty of seagoing jobs at this time

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Tried shoreside on the maritime industry side midway in my career. Not bad, but not my cup of tea. Went back to sea rather quickly. Pay was a bit less and just as much travel and time away.