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I will be damned!!! Excuse my french but is this what USCG is doing now??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you ready for the great new world in shipping?:

I can see a requirement to educate owners on what is required to recruit the skills that are being demanded of the crew.

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Do You really mean „great” new world as i rather see all the makings of BRAVE new world. ?

The number of unlicenced guys who command the ships remotely , telling the licenced mariners how to run the ship from navigation to engineering Has grown expotentially. Most of them have never made a dime doing seafarers job but make fortunes talking about it.

Somebody mentioned the yearly salary of the Exxon Valdez Master and recalculated it to present day. Well , the difference between the two values went into the pockets of all those „ yapping dogs” and industry parasites.

Name me also Dr. Bugge a period when seafarers did not have to learn sth new since 1876.

And rarely i do hear or read abt what so called managers have to learn and how? And some really are like the effing all knowing plantation owners.

One more thing. Are You asking the gerontocrats running this show here or the visiting rookies ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Predatory and Crony capitalism is not free and open Capatalism. Bur then real capitalism rarely exists due to the continued intrusion of governmen regs, fees, grants, exemptions and using targeted regulations and tax codes to benefit the “winners” versus “losers” also to comply to the bidding of the Globalist-Socialist-One world government Marxist drivers at the UN and WEF.

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Built to sell?:

With new name: