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Will someone please describe the difference between A, B and C seniority? Also, how does one earn A-seniority?

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You mean within a union…A book, B book and C book

Yes, I know upon finishing the unlicensed apprentice program at SIU and upgrading to AB you will receive B-book, how do you earn A-book? @Constantino

Sea time, paying your dues on time, and generally biding your time. It’s a seniority system so be prepared to spend some time getting “senior” within the organization.

I’m not an SIU member but I do manage a whole bunch of them and as such know their contracts and work rules pretty well.

Makes sense, thank you for explaining. @DamnYankee

IIRC eight years in a row as B-book shipping 90(?) days or more in each of those years.

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If you’re coming out of the trainee program, on completion, you’re a B book in which department you have chosen. Another perk of the trainee program is you have preference over non-program B book holders.

So SIU “deepsea” has a B book and a B+ book. The pecking order is:

B+ (Piney Point grads only)

If it’s as hard to ship with a C book as I suspect it is, I can see why some people chose to waste 6 months in their galley slave boot camp.

What does it take to move from C book to B book?

What about the “Inland” guys?

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C to B: ship 90 days in a calendar year for two consecutive years. Must not be entry level and must pick deck or engine or steward.

B to A: ship 90 days in a calendar year for eight consecutive years as a B-book.

A break in years resets the clock unless the book was ‘frozen’ or there is a good reason (like injury/illness or family medical).

*I could be mis-remembering some details but this is about how it was years ago.

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How do you upgrade to AB after completing the unlicensed apprentice program? Does the boo start over when going from OS to AB?

@Xavier6162 I believe you have to earn 120 sea days to upgrade to an AB, and then 2-3 years as an AB to become an officer.