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Hi I have a question about joining the SIU as a C book. I am currently a union Millwright working in the power generation industry(turbines, pumps, compressors etc) I have my MMD, STCW, TWIC and VPDSD. I was told by my local port agent that I would have to sail as a C book. Due to financial constraints I can not attend Piney Point unfortunaly. I am doing this to supplement my income and to work more months every year than what I am doing now. Does this seem feasible/worth it? Any info welcome! Thanks!

If you want to supplement your income find a shoreside job with Home Depot, WalMart or Target.

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Thanks :neutral_face:

Ok I should have been more specific, any PRODUCTIVE info welcome

…well you need to define “Productive Info”. Sounds like you want to work Part Time with SIU to “supplement your income”

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Sounded like productive advice to me.

Sitting around an SIU hall hoping to get a an entry level job in today’s maritime world is a long ways from supplementing much of anything other than your waist size.


Sh*t runs downhill. Even in relatively good times, a C book gets the leftovers no one in the hall will touch with a long barge pole.

Are things that grim now work wise?

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You’re right, I should have been more specific I apologize. I work out of a hiring hall now where 3-6 month layoffs are not uncommon, so sailing for 6 mos a year would not be out of the question. I didn’t mean supplement in the sense that it is a part time job and I would skip down to the SIU hall after leaving my day job lol

I don’t know where you are located, but with the skills of a millwright, you should be valuable to shipyards, marine construction, tugboats, and marine repair vendors. And don’t forget the fish plants, they have some good jobs for skilled technicians.

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I live in NE NJ about 5 mins from the SIU hall, app to be moving to Bucks county PA. I’ve looked at tug jobs, but they all seem to be year round

Birdman, I am in the same situation with the same credentials at a C card rating. My suggestion is to continue going to the hiring hall until you get shipped out. Meanwhile, supplement your income by finding night work. Question, have you worked on a ship or gotten any seatime?

A little off topic but after you join do you have to take the whole course and enroll in Piney Points school or can you pick and choose a class or two you need?

Not yet, I’ve had my MMC for years but never really needed it till recently and worked dried up. Now I’m finding my self on the bench for 4-5 mos at a clip so I figured why not sail if I can.

If worse come to worse, you may have to try NCL Pride of America out in Hawaii for 5 months to get your seatime then upgrade yourself to AB during your vacation. Either way, good luck to you, Birdman21.

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Five months straight? What does that pay per day, including vacation for an OS?

What is NCL Pride of America?

I’ve been out of the loop since i retired but the SIU Inland jobs, ie harbor tugs, seagoing tugs, ATBs and dredges are (were) not on the board very often. Many were direct hires through the companies and you join the union in the process. When you are settled in as a dues paying member, you can take the scheduled courses as you aquire sea time. You are reimbursed travel expenses and have free room and board at Piney Point.

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Pride of America is a cruise ship that service the Hawaii Islands. The contract is for 5 months and the pay varies depending on which department from $900 to $2500 a week. Departments: Galley, Bar, Housekeeping or Restaurant. Search: Careers

None of that qualifies as seatime. Five months work equals small money and zero seatime.
I take it the $2500 a week is the top end for a hot bartender in a skimpy outfit with a super personality.