Sending out my application today



I finally finished up all my tests as QMED. I got my endorsements on Monday and completed my application last night. How long before I can expect to hear back from them? I am applying for a pumpman position.


From whom…?


I am sorry. I was asking how long before I would hear back from MSC.
I hope soon because I have not worked for three weeks now.


I heard back in a couple of days, saying they were not hiring. But that was for a deck position


Man, that would make my day if I heard back in a couple of days.


MSC is the #1 place to be working right now. What other company pays for vans to drive you to the mall / dentist / commisary and to the nice Wal-Mart on Military Highway. It is like welfare times 1,000. They even buy your work boots and coveralls for you!