How long did you guys got a respond?

On the 27th of January I submitted an entry level aplication on MSC. The status of my application right now is still awaiting for review. Any idea how long they usually get to look at it? Just askin cuz I’m currently here in the east coast near Virginia temporarily living with relatives. I dont want to go back to the west coast and soon fly to virginia again.

Your answers are appreciated.

I’m not sure how long MSC is taking to respond, do you have all your papers?

an you get any work in Virginia, anything at all?

Even for personnel whom they are in need of, it takes several months. For entry level, which are NOT needed, add several more months, up to a year. Even after the interview, it’ll be months for the physical. They’ll schedule physical and drug screen at your location. Then it will be several more months after that before NEO.

Go where ever you please. Get a job somewhere. Forget about working in a Sea Prison You’ll be the prisoner.

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Yeah I got my MMC, TWIC, and medical cert ready. No, if Ill have to wait a year to get into MSC I guess Ill just go back to the west coast and find a temporary job.

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Got to the Union halls, you may be able to ship

I applied on 28th January and I just got this notice below after 3 weeks;

"MSC Notice - 02/23/2021

Thank you for your interest in employment with Military Sealift Command. Your application is being processed for further consideration. If you have any additional questions, please contact the CIVMAR Support Center at 1-877-JOBS-MSC (562-7672)"

I applied on the 27th of January and yesterday got an email that says its been forwarded for review and consideration.