New Pumpman


Hello to all,
I am a new pumpman about to finish up at fire school in NJ, can anyone tell me what to expect with MSC.


You can expect incredible job security, a good paycheck, great benifits, and speninding a minimum of 4 months assigned to a ship before taking a vacation.


How much time off can you expect after the 4 months?


How hard was the test for pumpman? I am scheduled to take it the week of Oct 12. Any suggestions on what to study? I would really appreciate any information.


StUdy generals,oiler and machinist test is pretty easy


Thank you. I will do so. Wish me luck!!!



I passed my pumpman test today. How long before you got the upgrade for pumpman? Was pumpman the only test that you took before you applied to MSC? I have been cleared to take eight tests for different QMED positions. I took two others today and passed them also. Just asking for any information that you can give me.


4 months with MSC will get you about 16days of paid leave but they always give you a month off after getting relieved(no more than that):slight_smile:


It took about 2 weeks to get my endorsements put on my mmc. I have other Qmed endorsements as well the more the better for the pumpman job with MSC you only need the pumpman endorsement but as i said before the more endorsements the better you look.


Thank you. I passed everything but the electrician test which I have not taken. The Toledo REC said that they would not submit my stuff until I am done. I don’t know if I want the electrician endorsment or not. I have never worked on any electrical stuff really. I guess it won’t hurt to have it.