Re: HVAC-R to QMED Refrigeration Engineer MSC

This is an update on my previous post few months ago. So I applied to MSC 2 months ago & I got the “CONDITIONAL OFFER” from MSC on Thursday. I’m scheduled to go to NORFOLK next month for my physicals before NEO. If I pass the medical my NEO will be the following week. Ironically I got laid off the same day and I got the call from MSC barely 3 hours after being laid off.

Recruiter told me I’ve been selected for a fast track hiring process due to the need for my skillset. Even though they hired me as WIPER because I have no sea time but they like the prospect of me becoming a QMED after 6 months of sea time .

Thank you all for your advice, encouragement & suggestions. Special thanks to @SeaEagle , @tugsailor , @rustbucket @injunear for your awesome suggestions and advice. I do appreciate you all and I will never forget you guys as I grow in this career.


Wow,timing is everything.That had to be a good call 3 hours after bad news! Happy for you and best of luck sir in your new career!

Good is understatement! That was a great relieve to get that call. Funny enough I almost never answered the call because it said “Spam Likely” but I answered because I saw Virginia Beach.

I just spent thousands of dollars to close on my first home 14 days ago and this was going to be a big blow. Though I’m getting a severance package but without a job would have dipped deep into my savings and affect my future plans.

I will keep you posted and reach out in case I have questions or need advice. Thanks again and have a great weekend. Be safe out there sir.