Seismic activity picking up

Seismic activity picking up is usually first sign of improved market for offshore drilling:

The thread title made it look like we need to add earthquakes to our growing list of doomsday scenarios.


There is a very long list. Auckland New Zealand is the city near where I live has over 55 dormant volcanic cones. Scientists say there is always a chance that one will come to life with the problem of evacuating 1.5 million people. Part of our islands are on the Pacific Plate and the other part on the Australian Plate. The Pacific Plate is subducting under the Australian plate.
Then the more we learn about the Cosmos the more it is apparent that our very existence is pure chance.
Time I had a beer.


Protests against Seismic survey activity is also picking up:

Shearwater seismic survey vessel “Geo Coral”:

Coming to a Gulf near you:

Magseis Fairfield has picked up more work in GoM:

Magseis Fairfield is in the news again:

Magseis has been a lot in the Offshore news lately. Looks like that will change with this consolidation in the Seabed Seismic segment:

More consolidation in the seismic sector: