Is GoM activity picking up?

Subsea 7 got a new contract in GoM:

Is that a sign that activity is picking up again?

Here MAY be an idea that could suite to develop marginal gas fields in deepwater GoM to help getting the activity up in the long term:,Offshore%20to%20develop%20FLNG%20projects.&text=The%20FLNG%20solution%20provides%20a,per%20year%20floating%20LNG%20facility.
Could it “fly” in the GoM??

Maybe not picking up for long, Joe Biden wants to ban new offshore drilling in GOM if he wins.

I don’t understand why offshore workers vote for parties who want to ban all offshore drilling, it’s like turkeys voting for Christmas.

That said, republicans voted to ban drilling near Florida, but at least they don’t want to ban completely.

  • In a CNN debate, Biden said no more oil drilling.
  • For natural gas, he promised to allow no new fracking.
  • His stated campaign position is to ban “new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters.”
    If he follows through on this what do you think the price of oil we be the day after if he is elected ? Domestic Drilling rigs will be heading overseas.

Well, I for one prefer a ham on Christmas, Turkey for Thanksgiving.

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In the UK the idiom is ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’, but apparently in the US that doesn’t make sense as you don’t eat turkey at Christmas, so ‘turkeys voting for Thanksgiving’ and ‘chickens voting for Colonel Sanders’ are used haha.

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